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BASF announces new soybean fungicide

The company anticipates a 2024 commercial release for Revylok

A new soybean fungicide from BASF is set to hit the market in 2024. Revylok brings together two of the latest fungicidal active ingredients from BASF, Revysol, and Xemium. 

“Revylok fungicide will be an effective tool to protect yield due to its fast uptake into the plant and long-lasting residual,” said Joan Jordan, product manager for BASF, in a news release. “It equips growers with the confidence to get the most out of their acres by avoiding stressful onsets of disease.”

Revylock has shown consistent performance on many target diseases, including frog eye leaf spot, cercospora blight, septoria brown spot, and rhizoctonia aerial blight. 

The combination of active ingredients will provide premium disease control through two modes of action. Fast plant uptake, rainfastness, and outstanding residual activity allow for long-lasting yield protection. 

BASF plans to hold more than 400 field trials throughout the 2023 season, and expects a commercial release of Revylok in 2024. To learn more about the fungicide, contact your local BASF representative or visit

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