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BASF Herbicide Receives EPA Registration

BASF announced today that its postemergent herbicide, Armezon Pro, received registration for use on all corn types. Armezon Pro provides residual control of emerged grass and broadleaf weeds such as foxtails, barnyardgrass, waterhemp, and Palmer amaranth.

Armezon Pro herbicide is a combination of topramezone, the active ingredient in Armezon herbicide, and dimethenamid-P, the active ingredient in Outlook herbicide. The chemistry combination helps provide strong contact and residual weed control, according to a company report.

“Growers want flexible options for controlling weeds based on their farm’s needs,” said Daniel Waldstein, technical market manager for BASF. “Armezon Pro herbicide has a wide application window and low use rate, resulting in time, storage, and money savings.”

Armezon Pro herbicide has high bioavailability to deliver control under wet and dry conditions. This results in better control of grass and small-seeded broadleaf weeds, according to a company report.

“Because Armezon Pro herbicide has strong contact and residual performance, corn growers can rely on its consistency and have less worry about the risk of a respray,” said Waldstein. “With Armezon Pro herbicide, we hope to give growers confidence in their weed control.”
Armezon Pro herbicide will be available to all corn growers for the 2016 season.

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