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Bayer and MS Technologies Receive Soybean Technology Approval From European Union

The firms’ FG72 x LL55 soybean technology is planned to commercially launch in 2019.

Bayer and MS Technologies have received approvals from the European Union for its FG72 x LL55 herbicide-tolerant trait stack. It received a positive scientific opinion from EU Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which was subsequently accepted by the European Commission for the importation of FG72 x LL55 soybeans for food and feed uses. This follows receipt of approvals already from the U.S., Canada, and Brazil for cultivation.

FG72 x LL55 confers tolerance to glufosinate (Liberty), glyphosate, and isoxaflutole (an HPPD inhibitor) herbicides. Officials for the companies say FG72 x LL55 will build on the LibertyLink foundation, with increased yield performance through market leading genetics. It also will feature another herbicide mode of action (isoxaflutole) for use in soybeans that delivers burndown and residual control. The first launch is planned for the U.S. in 2019.

“Finding the right balance of controlling weeds and managing herbicide resistance continues to be one of the biggest challenges soybean farmers face,” said Frank Terhorst, global head of seeds for Bayer. “Gaining approval from the European Commission is a crucial next step in our efforts to provide innovative solutions to farmers worldwide, and we are looking forward to soon getting additional import approvals to meet our 2019 launch.”

FG72, also known as Balance GT, is owned by MS Technologies and was codeveloped and is being marketed through a joint development agreement between MS Technologies and Bayer. The LL55 event and LibertyLink are owned by Bayer.

Bayer and MS Technologies have been collaborating since 2007 with new herbicide-tolerance technologies for soybeans. Balance Bean is an isoxaflutole-based herbicide, which upon registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is expected to be an HPPDi (Group 27) herbicide available for use in soybeans. At this time, Balance Bean is not approved for use on soybeans. Upon registration of Balance Bean, Bayer will make more information about the herbicide available.


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