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Bayer announces early work on new herbicide site of action molecule

Although it’s in early development, the molecule is the first one for broad acre weed control in 30 years.

If you’ve been hoping for a new herbicide of action to combat weeds in row crops, your hopes may come true in a few years. 

Bayer Crop Science has announced it is developing a a new herbicide molecule. It’s the first new post-emergence site of action for broad acre weed control in 30 years, according to Bayer officials. HPPD inhibitors (Group 27) herbicides were the last in the corn and soybean market. These include herbicides like Callisto and Balance Flex. 

Bayer officials say the molecule is in its Phase 2 of early development. So far, it’s demonstrated effective control of key resistant grasses, according to Bayer officials. 

Discovery of this molecule is being complemented by a discovery-phase program to identify and develop a corresponding biotechnology trait to convey herbicide tolerance and initial approaches, according to Bayer officials. 

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