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Bayer launches Delaro Complete fungicide after federal approval

Delaro Complete delivers consistent disease control, higher yield potential and improved plant health, say Bayer officials

Bayer is launching its new Delaro Complete fungicide. This fungicide — that features three modes of action (MOAs)—offers consistent disease control, higher yield potential ,and improved plant health to keep operations moving forward for U.S. corn and soybean growers, say Bayer officials. 

Delaro Complete is a premium fungicide application that acts as a protective barrier against key corn and soybean diseases under diverse environmental conditions, say Bayer officials. The distinctive chemistry combination of Delaro Complete reliably boosts its ability to increase grain fill, drought tolerance, canopy closure and standability for corn and soybeans, resulting in a higher level of protection for growers in core corn and soybean growing regions, say Bayer officials. 

“Delaro Complete has all the key attributes of Delaro fungicide plus more consistent disease activity, better resistance management and higher yield potential than its predecessors,” says Ray Lello, corn and soybean fungicide product manager. “We are excited to provide growers with another innovative, high-performing solution as part of Bayer’s robust crop protection portfolio.” 

Recent trial data demonstrated the use of Delaro Complete consistently increased yield potential for both corn and soybeans compared to untreated crops, say Bayer officials.  The addition of its third active ingredient, fluopyram, an SDHI, also consistently resulted in a yield advantage over Delaro fungicide, say Bayer officials.  Growers demand fungicide brands that deliver dependable disease control and improved plant health, resulting in increased yields, say Bayer officials.

“Adding Delaro Complete to a disease management program can help growers improve their plant health and overlapping modes of action to control key diseases, including increased activity on gray leaf spot in corn, and white mold and brown spot in soybeans,” says Randy Myers, agronomic solutions manager. “Through a variety of environmental conditions, corn and soybean growers across the U.S. can rest assured that their operations are protected against even the toughest diseases and will continue to move forward.” 

Delaro Complete is included in the Bayer Plus Rewards program – a broad portfolio of high-performance products designed to provide growers with flexibility and rewards on eligible purchases all season long, say Bayer officials. 

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