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The big heat chills for a while in forecast

Heat since last Friday has been remarkable in the Midwest (the 103 degree reading seen at Minneapolis probably topped the list; only a handful of times has that location ever been that hot, and weather records there go back to 1871!) but just as remarkable (at least in my opinion) will be the type of cooling that is going to follow this heat wave.

The far northwestern Corn Belt got a big taste of that yesterday, as it was just 64 degrees for a high at Huron while the 69 degree high at Redwood Falls was a full 30 degrees cooler than their high on Tuesday. We will still see a lot of 90s for today and tomorrow in southern parts of the Midwest, but cool weather will be expanding in the north and the entire region is a good distance below normal on temperatures for Saturday through at least Monday.

With the arrival of cooler air has come rains, with substantial amounts of rain falling overnight in the Interstate 80 corridor of Iowa as well as in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and parts of Michigan, northern Indiana and northwestern Ohio (with some of that rain still falling at the time of this writing). We will see additional rains across the Midwest today and tomorrow, a break for Saturday, then more rain for Sunday/Monday. Iowa in particular may see some heavy amounts of rain over the next five days. Rains should stay frequent and be substantial in the 6-10 day time frame for the Midwest.

The northern Plains will see off-and-on rains over the next five days and above-normal rainfall for the 6-10 day period; bad news with regards to getting any more acreage planted there and not good news for the already swollen Missouri River. I think that eventually we can see southeastern parts of the Nation moderate temperatures and start to get into a better position for rainfall; very beneficial if it were to verify for an area that has seen expanding drought in recent weeks. Worst conditions for the next ten days to two weeks still look to be in the southern Plains, with no real abatement in the heat for Texas and no good rain chances either.

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