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Big heat coming for corn pollination time

Weekend rainfall in the Midwest was largely as expected, being confined to just far northwestern areas through early Sunday before expanding to cover a bigger part of the region late yesterday and especially overnight. Some of this rain is starting to work into drier areas of eastern Iowa and points eastward as thunderstorms have raced eastward along and north of Interstate 80 across Iowa, northern Illinois, and parts of southern Michigan.

 The biggest rains since Friday morning have been over northwestern Iowa and southwestern Minnesota, areas that not only saw big rain last night but also got a big rain on Saturday night; for the weekend, over three inches of rain fell at Spencer. With a cool Canadian high dropping into the Great Lakes region at mid-week and meeting up with the current warm and humid air mass in the Midwest, there are certainly additional rainfall chances in the forecast through Wednesday if not Thursday. Most everyone in the Midwest will get at least some rain, with the heaviest amounts for northern Illinois northward and we could see some very big rains (2-4", locally more) for central Iowa westward.

Even with all of that rain in the forecast though, as is usually the case there will be areas that get missed (or at least do not get the type of rain they want) and that will especially be the case for the far southwestern Corn Belt and scattered areas in the east. It will be important to monitor those areas, as we are still looking at a lot of heat for the end of this week and into the first part of next week.

 Especially western Illinois westward will see a lot of days with highs of 95 degrees for the end of this week and into the first part of next week. Even in the areas that have the best soil moisture, that is not something that you want to see at a time when a lot of this year's corn crop is going to be pollinating. Drought relief still not seen for the southern Plains.

 It will be very hot in the Delta for the next 2-3 days with highs of 95 to 105, but after that much of the Delta and Southeast may see close to normal temperatures as more frequent rains in those areas for late this week and into next week keep temperatures somewhat cooler.

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