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Brazil Plants Over Half of Its 2018 Soybean Crop

Favorable weather will help Brazil’s soybean planting pace.

SAO PAULO, Brazil-- Farmers in Brazil have planted half of their 2017/18 soybean crop.

As of Monday, 57% of the estimated soybean acres have been seeded in Brazil. There was an increase of 14 percentage points compared with 43% the previous week. According to a survey by AgRural consultancy, the planting rate slightly exceed the five-year average, which for the past week is 56%. Planting rate was 63% last year.
The state of Mato Grosso do Sul continues to lead the planting of Brazilian soybean fields, with 91% of the area already sown. The states of Mato Grosso (79% of the area sown) and Goiás (53%) will face challenges, according to AgRural. “The region has some problems inherited from irregular rainfall in October, especially in Mato Grosso and Goiás, where some crops have irregular stands, with a possible negative effect on productivity,” AgRural said in a statement.

Neutral Climate

The weather forecast indicates that this week will be sunny in most of the soybean producing regions. Despite this weather, according to Climatempo, there is no risk of drought or damage to fields.
“These small periods of sunshine will enable producers to go to the field to carry out all their activities without major inconvenience, and the plants will have better conditions for their development,” Climatempo said in a statement.
The forecast indicates that, as of Thursday (November 16), a new cold front will advance through the state of Rio Grande do Sul, leaving the weather unstable. Next weekend, this cold front should advance to the Southeast and Central-West regions, causing rains that will benefit soybean crops.
According to Climatempo’s forecast, even with the Pacific Ocean waters colder than normal and the possibility of occurrence of the La Niña phenomenon, the climate in Brazil continues to be considered neutral.

Soybean Planting Progress By State

  •           Mato Grosso - 79%
  •           Paraná - 80%
  •           Rio Grande do Sul - 31%
  •           Goiás - 53%
  •           Mato Grosso do Sul - 91%
  •           Bahia - 15%
  •           Minas Gerais - 25%
  •           São Paulo - 63%
  •           Tocantins - 7%
  •           Maranhão - 10%


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