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Brazil Soybean Planting Process Speeds Ahead

Farmers are ahead of average paces.

Brazilian soybean producers are on a roll. Their 2016-2017 soybean planting season is reaching the halfway point, sharply faster than a year ago.

According to the latest survey by consulting firm AgRural, planting has attained 41% of the total estimated area for soybeans of 82.671 million acres. This figure easily outstrips the 31% recorded in the same period for last season, when soybean planting was delayed due to drought in some regions. The five-year average area planted for the period is 40%.

Producer Haroldo Rodrigues de Godoy has finished soybean planting on 1,976 acres of the Amoreira farm located in Maracaju, Mato Grosso do Sul State.

He stated, “There was sufficient rainfall for planting, and so far I cannot grumble. Rainfall volumes are, however, slightly below average. In October, rainfall on the farm was 5.90 inches compared with the 7.87 inches expected at this time of year. Nevertheless, I am optimistic. I think, going forward, the weather will improve and we shall see normal rainfall. I expect a yield of around 60 bags per hectare (53.5 bushels per acre) for this season’s crop.”

In Mato Grosso, Brazil’s top soybean producing state, planting has reached 68% of estimated area, whereas in Paraná, the second-largest producer, planting has attained 65% (see planting progress in chart below). “We have noted earlier planting compared with last season’s crop.

In the North of Mato Grosso, for example, planting commenced around September 20, favored by earlier rains,” says a researcher from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária - Embrapa), during a round of technology visits comprising 981 farms in October.

Brazil's Top Producing States

Progress of planting in top soybean-producing states:

  • Mato Grosso – 68%
  • Paraná – 65%
  • Rio Grande do Sul - 4%
  • Goiás & Federal District- 42%
  • Mato Grosso do Sul - 64%    

* Source: AgRural, up to October 28.

Soybean Production

AgRural estimates production of 100.4 million tons for the 2016-2017 harvest, whereas consulting firm INTL FCStone envisages 101.83 million tons for this season. According to the first grain survey of the 2016-2017 harvest by the national supply agency (Conab) in October, Brazil is set to harvest 101.9 to 104.0 million tons of soybean.

Weather forecast

Somar Meteorologia is forecasting above-average rainfall for early November, possibly hampering soybean and rice planting in southern Brazil. “Besides excessive rainfall, hail and gales may halt planting, particularly in Rio Grande do Sul, and lead to losses in areas where crops are already growing,” affirmed meteorologist Leandro Calve, in a statement released by Somar.


Written by Darlene Santiago, Successful Farming-Brazil editor



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