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Brazil’s Already Delayed Soybean Planting Faces Unstable Weather

Planting pace falls way behind activity of one year ago.

Brazilian soybean producers have planted just 30% of their 2017/18 crop, sharply behind last year’s pace.

The planting season remains delayed compared with 41% completion rate a year ago, but still close to the five-year average of 31%, according to AgRural’s survey.
It has rained the last few days in many regions of Brazil, especially in the South, and the planting was able to move forward. The state of Paraná, the second-largest producer of soybeans, leads the sowing with 67%, compared with 65% last year and 55% of the five-year average.

Central West

But in the Central-West region of Brazil, the irregularity of the rain continues to damage farms. The state of Goiás, the fourth-largest producer of soybeans, presents the most dramatic situation: Only 6% of the area foreseen for soybean cultivation was planted. Last year, the planting was 42% in Goiás, and sowing was 28% in the average of five years.

Problems in Goiás state

According to the Association of Soybean and Corn Producers of Goiás (Aprosoja-GO), the majority of soybean cultivars planted in the region have a cycle of 105 to 115 days, and the delay in soybean planting already automatically damages the second-corn crop.
According to the president of Aprosoja-GO, Bartolomeu Braz Pereira, the area planted with corn in the second crop will be smaller, and producers will register a drop in yields. “This worries a lot at the moment not only the farmers, but also the consumers, since we can have a turnaround in corn prices due to this situation,” Aprosoja-GO president Bartolomeu Braz Pereira said in a statement.
Aprosoja estimates that many producers in Goiás won’t be able to plant corn in the second harvest, and he already recommends the cultivation of species such as sorghum, beans, and sunflower. “There are several alternatives depending on the season when the producer will start his soybean harvest,” says Aprosoja-GO president Bartolomeu Braz Pereira.


Weather forecast

According to information from Climatempo, the weather forecast indicates the advance of cold fronts in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil in the next 15 days. The forecast indicates unstable weather and rains in almost all soybean producing regions.

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