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Brazil’s Soy Harvest Moves to 26% Completed

Mato Grosso state over halfway finished with soybean harvest.

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- The rains have disrupted the soybean harvest. In Mato Grosso, the largest producer state, the rains caused flooding and damage. But overall, the crop is still going well.

“Productivity and quality losses seem to be small and isolated, at least for now,” says AgRural consultancy. The weather forecast indicates daily rainfall this week. However, according to Climatempo, there will be a window of opportunity that will allow harvesting.
According to the AgRural survey, soybean harvest in Brazil reached 26% of the total cultivated area. The harvest is ahead of this same period last year, of 23% of the area harvested. The five-year average is 18%.
Mato Grosso has already harvested 52% of the area. Paraná, the second-largest state producer, continues to harvest too late. Only 20% of the area planted with soybeans was harvested, much lower than the harvest of 43% last year.


Harvest of the first-crop corn (summer corn), which reached 14% of the cultivated area in the Center-South, is lagging behind the 25% rate of last year. Yet, despite the delay, the productivity reports are good and expectation continues to be for a good crop.
According to the AgRural survey, the planting of the second corn crop reached 36% of the area planted in the Center-South. The percentage is ahead of the 33% completion rate of last year and the 32% average of four years.
Mato Grosso is well advanced. The state planted 54% of second-crop corn, well ahead of the 36% of last year. Paraná is following a very late scenario again. With the delayed soybean harvest, Paraná planted only 25% of the second corn crop, compared to 48% last year.

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