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Brazil’s Soybean Harvest Reaches 10% Complete

Brazil’s Soybean Output Is Raised

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Brazilian producers have already harvested 10% of the total area planted with soybeans in the 2016/2017 season, according to AgRural consultancy, a Brazilian private analyst firm.

In its monthly crop review released Friday, AgRural increased Brazil’s soybean production from 103.1 million tons estimated on January 9 to 105.4 million tons. “Losses may still occur due to lack of rain in Rio Grande do Sul, which have later crops, or due to excessive rainfall in other states. However, judging by the forecasts for the first half of February, production above 100 million tons appears to be assured,” AgRural says.

Weather forecast

According to Climatempo, the rain once again will be highlighted this week throughout the central and northern region of Brazil. As it has since January 20, rainfall will continue to occur daily in most of the producing states.
Despite the high volume of rain, Mato Grosso, the main soybean producing state, is successfully conducting the harvest. Mato Grosso continues to lead the harvest, with 28% of the area harvested. The harvest is ahead of the 12% pace from a year ago, says AgRural.

Delay in the South of Brazil

Paraná, the second main producer, records harvest delay. Most crops are not ready for harvest yet. Paraná harvested only 3% of the area planted with soybeans. This is a significant delay since in the same period of last year the harvest was about 24%.
According to AgRural consultancy, below-average temperatures were recorded during the spring and this lengthened the plant cycle. “In addition to the extension of the crop cycle, the work was hampered by rain. Even so, the expectation continues to be for a great harvest in the state,” AgRural states.

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