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Corn, Soybean Crops Finish With Favorable Weather

For Midwest weather, the month of August and the start of September look to be mild and dry, with the exception of a few rain events.

For the rest of the week, most of the Midwest will experience warm and dry weather, despite a 0.50- to 2.00-inch rain event in South Dakota and parts of Nebraska. Other rain-affected areas will be in the South such as in Texas, according to Freese-Notis Weather Inc.

Next week, a warmer pattern moves into the eastern U.S.

For the six- to 10-day outlook, the central and eastern U.S. will remain warmer with very little rain expected.

Also, the 11- to 15-day Midwest weather forecasts call for below-normal
temperatures. Rainfall should be above normal for the northern Plains

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