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Cool, damp weather on its way

Cool wet weather is forecast for the midwest in the shortterm. It will begin to feel like someone left the refrigerator door open for Thursday and Friday. Daily highs today will range in the 60s and 70s. Tomorrow Highs will cool to the 60s and 50s!

Warmer temperatures will return from west to east on Friday and the weekend. Highs will warm to the 70s on Friday in all but the extreme eastern cornbelt states. Over the weekend, Highs will warm to the 70s and 80s.

An area of low pressure developing over the midwest could bring some much needed rain to a large section of the cornbelt states, but probably not enough rainfall to bring all areas back up to normal. Rain is expected today in the far western cornbelt pushing across the western cornbelt tonight.

Tomorrow rain should be common across the central portions of the cornbelt pushing slowly eastward across the eastern cornbelt tomorrow and Friday. Rainfall amounts could range from .50" to an 1.00" with 50% to 75% or more coverage across the northern cornbelt to .50" to 2.00" across the southern cornbelt states with 40% to 70% coverage.

Watch for severe weather potential in the south. There will be another chance of rain Friday night in the west pushing over the central cornbelt on Saturday.

This rain activity is forecast to be lighter and more spotty, say 0.25" to 0.50" rains with 30% coverage. The 6-10 day forecast outlook calls for normal to below normal temperatures particularly in the east with prospects for rain especially in the west.

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