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Corn Planting Picks Up, But Still Trails Average Pace

Farmers have made significant progress planting corn, jumping from 5% complete on April 22 to 17% complete as of April 29. However, corn planting is still dragging behind last year when 32% was done at this time and the five-year average of 27%, according to the USDA’s weekly crop progress report. 

Most states in the Midwest had a big jump in progress last week, although not enough for most to catch up with the average pace.

Illinois went from 4% to 32% complete, slightly behind the five-year average of 40%. Iowa went from having no corn in the ground to having 17% of corn planting done, 10 points behind the top corn producing state’s average pace. Indiana bumped up from 1% to 8%, also 10 points behind their average pace. Missouri had a productive week with corn planting shooting up from 16% to 52%, just above the 51% five-year average. On the other hand, some states, like Michigan and Minnesota, still haven’t done any planting. At this point in the year, Minnesota typically has 26% done and Michigan has 6%. 

Corn has started to come up with 3% emerged compared to a five-year average of 6%. 

The states in red are behind their planting average for the last five years; the states in green are ahead. See more specifics for each state here.


Most of the focus last week was on corn planting, according to the USDA report. Soybean planting moved ahead just a little from 2% to 5% complete - on pace with the five-year average. 

In the Midwest, Illinois had one of the biggest bumps in soybean planting from none complete to 7%. Most other Midwest states, including Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska, have 3% to 4% complete. 

Click on the map above to see information for each state.


Like corn and soybeans, spring wheat planting is behind schedule. Only 10% of this year’s crop is planted compared to the five-year average of 36%. This is an increase from last week when 3% was recorded as done.

Winter wheat condition picked up slightly this week compared to last with 33% in good to excellent condition compared to 31% the previous week. This is still significantly behind last year’s winter wheat where 54% was in good to excellent condition. This puts 37% of this year’s crop in very poor to poor condition compared to 13% last year.

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