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Corteva Agriscience Recommends Liberty as the Preferred Herbicide for Enlist Weed Control System

The combination of Enlist One and Liberty herbicides helps manage resistant waterhemp and Palmer amaranth in Enlist crops.

Corteva Agriscience and BASF are recommending the use of Liberty and Enlist One herbicides on Enlist E3 soybean and Enlist cotton acres. Company officials say these two leading herbicides offer exceptional control of broadleaf weeds including waterhemp, pigweed, kochia, marestail, and ragweed species.
“The combination of Enlist One plus Liberty herbicide is lights out on tough pigweed and waterhemp,” said Shawna Hubbard, Corteva Agriscience trait herbicide product manager, in a Corteva news release. “Using both products postemergence will help farmers get the cleanest fields they’ve seen in years in areas infested with tough weeds. That’s why Liberty herbicide is now Corteva’s recommended glufosinate for use with the Enlist weed control system.”

Multiple Sites of Action

Corteva officials say Enlist E3 soybeans and Enlist cotton give farmers flexibility in their herbicide selection with tolerance to 2,4-D choline in Enlist herbicides, glufosinate in Liberty herbicide, and glyphosate. This allows farmers and applicators to employ multiple herbicide sites of action, company officials add. These herbicides offer a strong combination featuring flexibility for farmers.
Meanwhile, BASF officials says Liberty herbicide delivers consistent weed control with its unique patented formulation. It has consistently controlled broadleaves and grasses on millions of acres for many years and has no known resistance in U.S. row crops, says BASF officials. 
By using Enlist and Liberty herbicides on the same acre, farmers will obtain superior weed control while helping sustain the long-term efficacy of both herbicides, say officials for the company. They give farmers options: Spray these two products at one time with a tank mix of Enlist One plus Liberty herbicide or in planned sequential passes of Liberty herbicide and Enlist Duo herbicide.
“Farmers need flexibility and options in their herbicide programs to control resistant weeds,” said Kate Greif, BASF Liberty herbicide product manager. “Utilizing multiple, effective sites of action in a planned program delivers consistent performance this season, while increasing the long-term sustainability of these chemistries for future seasons. The collaboration between Corteva and BASF gives farmers deeper insights and improved recommendations to combat tough-to-control weeds through two effective postemergence herbicides in Enlist E3 soybean and Enlist cotton fields.”
Farmers should use a program approach that includes starting with effective residuals, followed by Enlist One and Liberty herbicides, say company officials. Bringing multiple sites of action into the weed control program helps increase overall weed control, curb the development of resistant weeds, and sustain the long-term viability of these technologies. According to University of Illinois research, selection for glyphosate-resistant waterhemp within four to six years was 83% less likely in a field where 2.5 modes of action were used than in a field where only 1.5 modes of action were used.

In addition, because of the inherent stability of 2,4-D choline, adding Liberty herbicide in the tank with Enlist One herbicide does not increase the potential for volatility due to acidification. Retailers, applicators, and farmers can also feel confident adding qualified AMS products listed on to optimize performance, say company officials. Liberty herbicide – like Enlist herbicides – is now part of the Enlist Ahead rewards program.

 This means farmers can earn an additional rebate when pairing Liberty herbicide with Enlist herbicides on Enlist crops, say company officials.  

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