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Corteva Introduces New Nitrogen Stabilizer

PinnitMax, for UAN and urea applications, prevents volatilization for up to two weeks.

A new nitrogen stabilizer from Corteva Agriscience will help prevent losses in above-ground nitrogen applications of urea and UAN products.

PinnitMax, available for spring 2019 applications, is “…user-friendly, powerful, and rounds out the nitrogen maximizer portfolio for comprehensive protection of any nitrogen source above and below ground,” says Tina Troester, nitrogen management specialist at Corteva Agriscience.

Up to 30% of nitrogen applied above ground can be lost to volatilization. PinnitMax prevents volatilization of urea and UAN for up to 14 days.

PinnitMax is a unique formulation that uses a higher concentration of the proven active ingredient NBPT to improve operational efficiency. NBPT slows nitrogen breakdown by controlling the urease enzyme, which allows more time for precipitation (rainfall or irrigation) to incorporate the fertilizer into the soil.

“PinnitMax is more powerful gallon for gallon, allowing a lower use rate, faster blending time for retailers, and more tons of treated fertilizer through its facilities,” Troester says.

How nitrogen stabilizers work

Nitrogen fertilizer applications work when the commercial product is converted into ammonium and nitrate, which are the plant available forms of nitrogen. That occurs in the soil. Nitrogen from UAN and urea can be lost from the soil surface to the atmosphere through volatilization. Nitrogen stabilizers using NBPT prevent that volatility, giving the UAN and urea a chance to move into the soil where it is available to the plant.

Rounds out product line

PinnitMax complements the existing nitrogen maximizers portfolio from Corteva Agriscience by providing above-ground nitrogen protection in addition to the two below-ground nitrogen stabilizers, N-Serve and Instinct. All fertilizer types can be protected with this portfolio: PinnitMax for above-ground urea and UAN applications, N-Serve for below-ground anhydrous ammonia applications and Instinct for below-ground urea, UAN and manure applications.

“With the addition of PinnitMax, farmers and retailers can now customize their season-long nitrogen applications with the full nitrogen maximizers portfolio,” says Tyler Patton, U.S. plant and soil health product manager, Corteva Agriscience. “PinnitMax works above ground to help get your nitrogen to the root zone, while N-Serve and Instinct technology work below ground to keep it there.”

Learn more at or contact your Corteva Agriscience sales representative.

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