Crop Progress Photos: May 2, 2017

  • Corn in Randolph County, Indiana

    Ryan Burk (Instagram: @ryandburk) of Randolph County, Indiana, finished up planting corn on April 25 with near perfect conditions. 

    Indiana farmers are well ahead of the state’s 5-year planting average (26%) and already have 45% of the corn crop planted. Only 10% of that planted corn has emerged as of April 30. 

  • Corn in Nickerson, Kansas

    Farmer Geoffrey Burgess (Instagram: @geoffreyburgess) planted on April 18 and feels lucky to have missed the crazy Kansas snow storm by about 50 miles. “We got two inches of rain that came nice and gentle,” Burgess says. “Corn is just emerging here.”

    In Kansas, 38% of the corn crop is planted, which is behind the state’s 5-year average planting rate of 41% completion at this point in the year. Kansas corn is 12% emerged as of Sunday, April 30. 

  • Soybeans in Daviess County, Indiana

    Ethan Clarke (Instagram: @the_ethan_clarke) planted his soybeans about 1.5 weeks ago. We don't have any underwater as of today, everything looks like it will make it,” says Clarke. “However, a lot of our neighbors weren't so fortunate.”

    Indiana’s 5-year corn planting rate is 8% at this point in the year, but Indiana farmers have already planted twice as much as that (16%). 

  • Corn Near Ancona, Illinois

    “Our area was probably 75% planted on corn before this rain,” says Joel Barickman (Instagram: @joelbman) who farms near Ancona, Illinois. “We got about seven inches total in the last week and they’re calling for another one to two inches by next weekend, so it looks like we’re out of the fields until the second week of May. 

    Illinois farmers have 63% of the state’s corn planted already, which is 16% ahead of the 5-year average corn planting rate in Illinois. All of 20% of that planted corn is already emerged. 

  • Corn in Maxwell, Iowa

    Rhonda Birchmier, Maxwell, Iowa, says they are 75% done planting corn. She estimates they need three more good planting days and they’ll be done.

    They received over 2 inches of rain in the last four days. “It’s supposed to rain Wednesday, if it does, we won’t be back in the field this week,” says Birchmier. “If it doesn’t rain Wednesday, we might be able to plant some lighter spots by Thursday.”

    In Iowa, corn planting is 28% complete, trailing the 5-year average planting rate of 35%. Only 1% of the state’s planted corn is emerged. 

  • Corn in Monroe City, Missouri

    “We are only half planted with corn,” says Tyler Mudd (Instagram: @tmuddly17). “Nothing much happening here for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, it will dry out next week so we can roll.”

    Missouri corn is 67% planted and 30% emerged already, which means Missouri farmers are beating the 5-year average rates on both fronts. 

  • Corn in Morse Bluff, Nebraska

    Justin Mensik (Instagram: @justinmensik) of Morse Bluff, Nebraska, planted this corn on April 22 and is waiting for it to emerge. This area got 1.9 inches of rain over the past week and more is on the way. There’s also snow in the forecast.

    In Nebraska, 34% of corn is planted and 8% of that corn is already emerged. 

  • Corn in Shelby, Ohio

    “Planting is wrapped up in Shelby, Ohio. We went nine days straight with no rain and nonstop planting,” says Morgan Vogt (Instagram: @morgan_vogt99). “However, the last couple days of rain has the fields starting to sprout.”

    In Ohio, 42% of corn is planted, which is twice as much as the state’s 5-year average (21%). As for emergence, 5% of planted Ohio corn is emerged. 

  • Corn in Daviess County, Indiana

    Two weeks ago, Ethan Clarke (Instagram: @the_ethan_clarke) of Daviess County, Indiana, planted his corn, but colder weather made it emerge more slowly than he anticipated. As of now, none of Clarke’s corn is sitting underwater, so he’s feeling fortunate compared with his neighbors.

  • Soybeans in Morse Bluff, Nebraska

    Soybeans on this Nebraska farm were planted on April 22, says Justin Mensik (Instagram: @justinmensik). This area got 1.9 inches of rain over the past week and more is on the way. There’s also snow in the forecast.

    Nebraska farmers have 8% of the state’s soybeans planted already, which is 3% above the 5-year average.

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