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Crop ratings 'worst since 1989'

Yesterday's national crop condition report showed that the national percent of good to excellent condition for corn was the worse since 1989, when national crop condition reports began. National soybean crop conditions were similarly the worse since records have been kept back to 1989.

The national crop condition for corn was 56% good to excellent and soybeans were rated at 53% good to excellent. The lack of rainfall particularly in the eastern and southern cornbelt states is taking its toll on early crop development. This morning temperatures are pleasantly cool especially across the eastern cornbelt states as a large area of Canadian air moves across the region. 

Early this morning a few stations reported temperatures in the upper 40s but mostly it has cooled to the 50s. Today, we are forecasting Highs in the 80s west and 80s and upper 70s in the east. Further to the south and west along and west of a cold front, record heat is forecast to continue. Denver, CO tied the all time record High yesterday for July and set a all time record High for June at 105 F. Sidney,NE was 109 F yesterday. Fortunately this heat and remained outside of the cornbelt so far. Further south, record heat has been developing over Arkansas. It was 109 at Russelville, AR the hottest temperature on record for this location. North Little Rock was 105 F yesterday and Jacksonville/Little Rock AFB was 107 F.

Both are the hottest temperatures on record for these locations. The previous record highs were set in 1988 and 1980. Tomorrow is going to be a very hot day across the western cornbelt with Highs in the 90s to near 100 and Thursday Highs across Illinois and Indiana could reach into the 90s and lower 100s.

Previous record highs were set back in 1934, when temperature reached 104 in Peoria, 103 in Rockford and 104 in Springfield, IL. Scattered thunderstorms are forecast across the northern cornbelt Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures will likely remain in the 90s late this week and weekend.

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