Crop Shots: Corn Races Ahead; Wheat Harvest Chugs North

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    The corn crop's racing into tasseling in the Corn Belt, and though there are spots where the crop's been hampered by excessive moisture, there are a lot of fields like this one in McLean County, Illinois, that are developing well.

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    The corn is "really tall" in that area, says Markets Editor Mike McGinnis (pictured in the last slide). Just shy of 30% of the Illinois crop is silking, according to Monday's USDA-NASS Crop Progress report.

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    "Obviously, plenty of moisture," McGinnis says. "I was told McLean County, Illinois, had its third-wettest June in many years." Monday's USDA report shows 80% of Illinois' corn crop is in good or excellent condition.

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    The moisture's just as plentiful in south-central Iowa, where Marketing Talk esteemed advisor Hobbyfarmer took this photo. "The field looks great, is just above my head and has two leaves to come out then the tassel," he says. "Might just be a little damp out there? Full moisture profile?"

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    One thing Hobbyfarmer says he's seen in this field are corn brace roots moving in the wrong direction, a sign that the crop has fought off some strong winds thus far. "I always thought roots went down, these plants were sending some up for air!" he says.

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    Soybeans too are progressing on Hobbyfarmer's farm. Here's a shot he took of his beans that are starting to flower. Nationwide, soybean blooming's ahead of the average pace, though in Iowa, it's about 5% behind normal.

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    Though wheat harvest has taken its lumps from rain delays and spotty yields, the combines are rolling into Nebraska this week, with some yields well above expectations. Here, Sheridan County, Kansas, farmer Dave Schamberger brings in this year's crop (photo courtesy Shirley Popp, Facebook).

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    Here, Lynda Hoffman runs a final check on Jim Cooper's combine near Grant, Nebraska, where harvest got rolling this week. "A few combines running tonight. Hopefully this one will be in the wheat tomorrow," Cooper said Tuesday (photo courtesy Jim Cooper, Facebook).

Wheat harvest is marching up the Plains while corn and soybean development is roaring along in the Midwest. Here are a few shots from farmers and folks throughout the region.

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