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Crop stress continues in S.A.

It was dry over the New Year Weekend in the main growing areas of Argentina, with only few isolated showers in the growing areas of eastern Paraguay. December precipitation was well below normal in many of these areas, especially in parts of Argentina.

In southern Brazil only light amounts of rain fell over the holiday weekend in a large part of the bean area of Rio Grande do Sul had only light rainfall, as did some of the bean areas of western Santa Catarina, and southwestern Parana. Some of these locations had December rainfall well below normal also.

Heavier rains fell in the eastern bean areas of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, as well as in the rest of Parana, as well as much of Sao Paulo and Mato Grosso so Sul. Since about last Thur. amounts of 1.00 to 3.00 inches were fairly common in these areas, with a few spots reporting a little less and a few a little more. Little or no rain is forecast in the major growing areas of Argentina this week, with highs mostly in the 90's, with a few spots reaching 100.

This will keep crop stress high on the corn crop in Argentina, some of which will still be the pollination stage into mid January. Some rain chances will likely occur during the 6-10 day period, but major rains are not seen at this time, with most amounts near to below normal.

In southern Brazil and eastern Paraguay much of the week will be dry, with just a few scattered thunderstorms later in the week. These areas will also have below normal rainfall for the 6-10 day period. Many of these areas need rain in the near future to avoid yield reduction.

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