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Dow AgroSciences Announces New Spring Wheat Herbicide

Spring wheat growers will have a new herbicide option in 2016. Dow AgroSciences announced that PerfectMatch herbicide, broadleaf weed and grass control solution for spring wheat and durum, received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration.

PerfectMatch has two modes of action – Group 2 and Group 4 chemistries – to help with resistance management. For effective control, PerfectMatch herbicide should be applied at the two-leaf to two-tiller stage on grasses and 2 inches tall or 2 inches in diameter on broadleaf weeds.

“Today’s growers face increased weed pressure and yield loss due to herbicide resistance,” says Bridgette Readel, market development specialist, Dow AgroSciences. “PerfectMatch allows rotation away from commonly used Group 1 grass herbicides to manage herbicide resistance.”

This new herbicide can help streamline weed-management programs by delivering control of 86 broadleaf weeds and 13 grasses such as Canada thistle, kochia, lambsquarters, redroot pigweed, wild mustards, yellow foxtail, wild oats and cheat, and downy brome, according to a company report.

“PerfectMatch builds on the broadleaf weed control growers rely upon from WideMatch herbicide with the added control of key grass species,” says Sara Kinsell, cereals herbicides product manager, Dow AgroSciences.

PerfectMatch herbicide will be available for growers in the 2016 growing season.

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