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EPA registers new Syngenta soybean herbicide

Tendovo provides protection against more than 70 weeds and is set to be available next season.

Syngenta’s new preemergence soybean herbicide, Tendovo, has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is set to be available next season.

“We’re really excited to bring Tendovo to the market,” said Kevin Gesse, head of herbicide product marketing at Syngenta, in a news release. “From a performance standpoint, it really stands out from the pack. The biggest thing growers will notice is that Tendovo stops early-season weeds but doesn't slow down soybean growth.”

The first three-way premix of its kind, Tendovo utilizes three sites of action to provide weed control against more than 70 weeds. Tendovo works across an array of production systems, soil types and geographies.

“We’ve seen a 4 to 5 bushel an acre advantage in field trials with Tendovo,” says Pete Eure, herbicide technical lead at Syngenta, in a news release. “By controlling the tough weeds that compete with soybeans for sunlight, water and nutrients, Tendovo helps growers achieve superior potential yield and return on investment (ROI) at harvest.”

Syngenta trials concluded Tendovo provided more than 95% control of pigweeds and grass weeds compared to competitive herbicides. In those trials, fields treated with Tendovo canopied more quickly and had better stands.

Syngenta recommends Tendovo be used in a planned two-pass program for long season control and optimum yield protection.

“The trend toward earlier planting and the spread of herbicide resistance further increase the need to make a preemergence residual herbicide application, and that need will continue to grow,” Eure said. “We are excited to bring another valuable formulation to the Syngenta soybean residual herbicide portfolio.”

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