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Favorable crop weather forecast

A lot has been made this week about the potential for warmer-than-normal temps in the Midwest to end this month and start the month of July, but equally impressive (at least to me) is the type of cold that will precede that. High temperatures yesterday in the western Corn Belt and the northern Plains were largely 10 to 20 degrees below normal with a lot of places not getting out of the 60s and parts of North Dakota not getting out of the 50s.

More sub-70 degree highs will be seen in northern parts of the Corn Belt today and in eastern parts of the region for tomorrow. There is still going to be periodic rain in the Midwest as well in the near term, with light totals in eastern areas the next couple days before a more significant rain system arrives for the weekend and possibly lasts into Monday; most of the Midwest will see over a half inch of rain and some places right in the center of the Corn Belt will likely see 1-2 inch totals.

Regarding the potential for heat at the end of this month and into early July, I am not going to be making any changes to my forecast thinking at this time. The June 29 through July 2 time frame is when I expect the bulk of the heat to be seen, and it is during that time frame with there will be lots of 90-plus degree highs in the Midwest.

The southern Plains will already start to scorch by late this weekend with some places getting to near 110 degrees for highs, and they will continue to be very hot next week. Some 100 degree heat may eventually work into the Delta as well. I see every indication to believe that temperatures will be moderating by around the July 4th time frame to reach more normal levels across a lot of the Nation's midsection.

Too much rain, ponding in the fields, and of course flooding in the Missouri River valley are serious issues facing the Nation's corn and soybean crops at this time, but for areas of the Midwest that are not experiencing those problems, the forecast is generally looking rather favorable heading into the opening days of July.

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