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Favorable rains in Brazil

We will spend today's report looking at some world weather features that may be getting some attention in the grain markets right now. South America continues to gain more and more attention as we get deeper into the planting season, and the key reproductive periods for their corn and soybean crops are just around the corner. It has been a very good planting season for both Brazil and Argentina, with regular rains making for excellent conditions for seed germination and early crop growth. 

Good rains moved across most of the Argentine growing areas last week through this past weekend, and their next rainfall threat is slated for this weekend and into Monday when some 0.50- 1.50" totals will be seen. 

Much of the central and southern growing areas of Brazil saw big rains over this past weekend with some spots getting over four inches. Not much rain will fall there through the end of the weekend, but rains will increase there for the work-week period of next week. 

Over in Europe, dryness was a big factor in France for September and October, but we have really improved things for winter grain crops there with considerable rainfall this month. To the east though dryness is a big problem for Germany and Poland (with no moisture in the ten-day forecast), not only for winter grain crops but for shipping as well with river levels on the Rhine and Danube rivers forcing vessel operators to cut their load sizes by 50 percent or more. 

Drought in Ukraine has garnered attention in wheat market throughout this fall. The crop there is now largely dormant and thus precipitation would not help it much at the moment...not that there is much moisture in the forecast anyway. 

In Australia, it is a very good forecast for the next ten days for Western Australia as dry conditions will promote rapid harvesting. To the east though it will be very wet over the next week or a little longer, particularly in the state of New South Wales where near-term rains and another big storm for the weekend and into next week will certainly stop the wheat harvest but totals likely will be heavy enough for quality concerns to arise.

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