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Federal regulators approve three new corn herbicide premixes from Helena for 2021

Empyros herbicide offerings center around the Group 27 herbicide tolpyralate

Federal regulators have approved three new corn herbicide premixes from Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC --Empyros, Empyros Triad and Empyros Triad Flex. These products will be available for the 2021 growing season, pending approval by state regulatory agencies. 

These pre- and early post-emergence herbicides control broadleaf weeds and grasses with novel combinations of the newest HPPD inhibitor herbicide (tolpyralate, Group 27) to hit the U.S. corn market, say Helena officials. 

Empyros corn herbicides are built on tolpyralate—"a  backbone chemistry”, says Mark Wayland, Helena manager of herbicide brands. It’s combined with industry-standard herbicides, s-metolachlor (Group 15) and atrazine, Group 5) to create exclusive two- and three-way pre-mixes. This combination of active ingredients broaden the weed control spectrum and offer more versatility across geographies and planting conditions, say Helena officials. 

 “Each formulation is tailored for different needs across the country, and with long application windows, they can be applied on your schedule,” says Wayland

Empyros is a pre-mix of tolpyralate and s-metolachlor, while Empyros Triad and Empyros Triad Flex add atrazine to the mix. Three years of research show Empyros herbicides rival and often exceed the performance of market-leading two-, three- and even four-way corn herbicide premixes, say Helena officials. With the introduction of tolpyralate, Empyros herbicides take a different approach to weed control with selectivity that provides strengths lacking in other corn herbicides, Helena officials add. 

“Tolpyralate is very strong from a post-emergence perspective, so along with activity on pigweeds, ragweeds and other common broadleaf weeds, we’re also able to get really good grass control that you don’t see with some of the other HPPD herbicides currently in the market,” says Michael Cox, Helena crop protection specialist for research and development. “When we couple that with a residual herbicide, we get a really complete product that gives a nice punch from one formulation.”

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