First big winter blast on the way

There are not really any changes to make regarding the forecast for a storm system this weekend and into early next week for a big part of the Nation's midsection.

It still looks like the northern Plains and the far northwestern Corn Belt will see very little moisture from the storm, continuing a trend that brought much of that area an exceptionally dry fall period (driest on record for September 1 through November 30 for a place like Sioux City, though Sioux City will be seeing precipitation from the coming storm).

It still looks like northwestern Kansas, southern/eastern Nebraska, western/northern Iowa, southeastern Minnesota, and western/northern Wisconsin are the areas that will see significant snows from the system (especially tomorrow and tomorrow night; much of that area has winter storm watches posted) and it still looks like a lot of 4 to 8 inch snowfall amounts.

It still looks like yet another very nice precipitation event for a large part of the hard-red winter wheat belt, with most of Kansas and all of Oklahoma and Texas forecast to see at least a half inch of moisture but likely over an inch in southern Oklahoma and central Texas and over two inches in eastern Texas. It still looks like a major rainfall event for the Delta, with rainfall from Sunday to Tuesday looking to be on the order of two to four inches and locally over five inches for northern Louisiana, northern Mississippi, northern Alabama, and large parts of Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

The most notable change that I have in the forecast today is that this big rain will be a working a little further north than it looked in yesterday's forecast, so that much of the Ohio Valley will eventually see 1 to 2 inches of rain (or even heavier very close to the Ohio River).

Corn still to be harvested in the eastern Corn Belt is not going to see a combine any time soon, and frozen ground is likely going to be needed in that area if the crop is going to come out of the field before next spring.

Freese-Notis Weather, Inc. Des Moines, Iowa Copyright 2011 - All Rights Reserved

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