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FMC adds sunflower label to Capture LFR and Ethos XB

Products add in-furrow-ready system to insecticide and fungicide.

Sunflower growers have new tools to combat key insect and disease problems, with recent EPA approval of label expansions for Capture LFR insecticide and Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide from FMC.

“The use approval of these tools provide sunflower growers access to much-needed new and effective solutions to address the wide pest spectrums and soilborne diseases they face,” said Eric Castner, regional technical manager for FMC. “The unique part about this grouping of products is that they are based on the same active ingredient, bifenthrin, but their formulations allow them a lot of flexibility when it comes to application methods, timing and use needs.”

Particular challenges these tools address include army cutworm and wireworms. Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide also suppresses damping off diseases and root or crown diseases caused by Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, or Phytophthora. Currently, no other manufacturer offers this mix of formulations with these active ingredients for sunflower growers. Capture LFR uses the active ingredient bifenthrin, while Ethos XB combines bifentrhin and Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens strain D747. Both are labeled for liquid in-furrow-ready application. 

“These products offer growers another mode of action that can be incorporated into their at-plant application schedule and rotation. Managing resistance and implementing an effective integrated pest management plan is important to growers in these crop segments, and these solutions check the boxes in both categories,” Castner says.

For a complete list of insects and diseases controlled and suppressed by Capture LFR insecticide and Ethos XB insecticide/fungicide, and to view their labels or learn more about these solutions for use in sunflower production, visit or contact your local FMC retailer.

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