Gear Up Your Grain Bins

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    Declining corn market prices make paying for commercial storage or selling straight out of the field far from ideal scenarios, making on-farm storage a more attractive option for capturing more value for the grain that's seeing its market value continue to slide into harvest this fall.

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    But, will there be enough? With what many see as a near-ideal growing season up to this point, some are now starting to anticipate a crop that won't fit in existing grain storage. Will it fit on your farm?

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    When you're making sure your bins are ship-shape, don't only focus on the inside where the grain will reside. Start with the ground around the bins and their exterior, one expert recommends.

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    And, remember this: SLAM. Sanitation, loading, aeration and monitoring are 4 key steps to making sure your stored grain is in good shape when you put it away and that it stays that way for the duration of its on-farm storage.

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    This year's crop may be going into the bin a little wetter than normal. So, it's a good year to stay on top of any drying issues you may encounter. Check them out here!

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    Here's another primer for drying grain: A lot depends on the temperature (get it below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, most experts agree) and the moisture content at which you're starting out. But, don't overlook the differences between drying for soybeans and corn, one expert says.

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    Drying may still be a handful this fall. So, here are a couple of delayed-drying techniques that can help you push more bushels through your dryer and to increase your overall drying capacity. Plus, with delayed cooling, the grain spends less time in the high-temperature dryer, reducing inputs and increasing energy efficiency.

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    With what many expect to be such a big crop coming in from the field this fall, normal grain storage just may not suffice, relegating some bushels to alternative storage facilities. What are your best options? Dig into the topic here.

Is your grain storage in good shape? Check out the latest features and get your bins ready!

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