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Golden Harvest launches E-Luminate Mobile app

Golden Harvest officials say app helps give farmers a real-time look at their farms.

Farmers who buy Golden Harvest seed can now access the E-Luminate Mobile app free of charge. It’s a digital agronomy platform designed to deliver timely insights directly to farmers from their seed advisers.

The E-Luminate Mobile app helps farmers get a real-time look at their farm and see their data in a new way — all from their iOS smartphone or tablet, say Golden Harvest officials. They add that access to the app also increases connectivity and engagement between farmers and their Golden Harvest Seed Advisors via digital touchpoints throughout the year.

“Digital tools not only power data-driven decisions, but they also support more and different ways to connect all season long,” said Grant Merron, Golden Harvest digital enablement lead, in a news release. “Local Golden Harvest seed advisers are with farmers every step of the way to interpret the data to drive potential profitability, from scouting fields with NDVI imagery and running rain reports to sharing product sheets and delivering updates directly into farmers’ hands.”

Besides putting field-level data at farmers’ fingertips, the app also offers additional insights and in-depth analysis from Golden Harvest seed advisers, say Golden Harvest officials. E-Luminate Mobile’s suite of features includes creating and editing fields and reviewing field data, including yield as planted, imagery, scouting, weather, crop monitoring, and more. Additionally, a farmer’s yield data from the John Deere Operations Center and other equipment manufacturers can be integrated into the E-Luminate Mobile app, providing another data input to inform seed decisions.

“When you buy Golden Harvest seed, these services are in the bag,” said Merron. “With the app, Golden Harvest seed advisers are able to collect and analyze field data and bring farmers actionable insights to help maximize their seed investment.”

The E-Luminate Mobile app can be downloaded at the app store on your iOS device. 

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