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Granular launches corn soybean ROI calculator for 2021 decisions

Free calculator helps cut through corn on corn vs. soybeans on corn.

Corn on corn or rotate corn acres to soybeans? 

That’s the question many farmers wrestle with headed into 2021, and Granular has a tool to help you decide. 

After analyzing more than 10 million acres and corn-bean rotations for the past decade, Granular’s Data Science team created a proprietary Corn vs. Soybeans Calculator to help farmers with their decision to rotate or not. It is estimated that around 20% of traditional corn acres remain undecided, and taking into account certain agronomic and geographical factors, optimal rotation for 2021 profitability may be different than recent years. By leveraging this free, simple-to-use digital tool, powered by Granular’s algorithms and data from local universities, farmers can get 2021 profitability estimates within minutes. 

“This is a $40- to $150-per-acre decision for farmers. Giving as much support as we can digitally is a huge way to impact growers and help them make decisions,” says Chris Seifert, head of digital agriculture data science with Corteva Agriscience. The calculator is free for all farmers, and was created with years of data, he adds. “At the end of the day, we want farmers to feel confident in their seed and input decisions for 2021, and using data can help give them that confidence.” 

Chris Seifert, head of digital ag data science, Corteva
Chris Seifert, Granular

The Corn vs. Soybeans Calculator from Granular has several unique features: 

  • It is directly correlated with the millions of acres of continuous cropping data that helps Granular more accurately predict the potential yield penalty than existing research based on field trials alone. 
  • Digitization of data sets at scale gives the agriculture industry the opportunity to truly understand limiting factors toward profitability, and helps farmers understand how to achieve the greatest returns on their investments. 

Farmers know that to ensure profitability they must meticulously track their numbers. For efficiency, having all of the farm data in one system that provides up-to-date insights and analysis allows farmers to understand field-by-field profitability. 

The calculator accounts for the expected yield penalty for repeat crops (based on state) as well as the anticipated cost increase for the suggested mitigation strategies. Budget costs are calculated using numbers provided by local state universities, and the crop price is the prior day’s market closing cost, updated daily via Barchart.

For farmers who want to dig even deeper into the agronomic and marketing factors impacting their rotation decisions, Granular has compiled expert insights from Pioneer Agronomy Manager Matt Essick and South Dakota Grain Merchandiser Cullen Wilson. 

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