#Grow15 Crop Photos

  • Corn planting progress

    With 85% of the nation’s corn crop planted and more than half of that emerged, posts on social media are quickly transitioning from the popular #plant15 to #grow15. Click through this slideshow to see state-by-state updates on corn growth. Crop data is based on Monday’s USDA-NASS Crop Progress report for the week ending May 17.

  • Iowa corn

    Thanks to iowa_ag for this shot of the 2015 corn crop emerging in Story County, Iowa.

    Corn planting is almost complete in Iowa and corn emergence is at 63%, beating the 44% five-year average.

  • Missouri corn

    This is day 29 for corn planted on Anna Leigh Peek’s farm in Missouri. “The corn grew about three inches last week,” she says. “It probably would have been more if temperatures wouldn’t have been so cool.”

    Just over 80% of Missouri’s corn crop is planted and 65% of that has emerged.

  • Illinois corn

    Here’s a shot of Mike Less’s cornfield in Illinois.

    Ninety-four percent of the state’s crop is planted and 75% of corn has emerged, well ahead of the 53% five-year average.

  • North Carolina corn

    Corn is well on its way in Wayne County, North Carolina. Here is Matt Sanderson spraying nitrogen on his farm.

    Ninety-three percent of North Carolina’s corn acres are planted and 84% of those have emerged.

  • New York corn

    “It’s still #plant15, but it’s finally turning into #grow15,” shares Tony Diez. Diez farms in Barker, New York.

    Just over 50% of New York’s corn crop is planted and 13% of that has emerged.

  • Soybean planting

    Soybean planting is also well on its way with 45% of the crop in the ground and soybean emergence at 13%. Casey Moser captured this soybean shot in Ohio.

    Almost half of Ohio’s soybean fields are planted, outpacing the five-year average of 33%. Ten percent of those fields have emerged.

  • Winter wheat

    “Winter wheat is looking pretty today,” shares Michelle Jones from Montana.

    Winter wheat conditions improved slightly in the last week, with 45% of the crop rated good or excellent.

  • Cotton planting

    This cotton seed that was planted last week is now coming up in Perquimans County, North Carolina. Photo taken by Mandy Harris.

    About 40% of North Carolina’s cotton acres are planted, trailing the 64% average.

See how cornfields look across the country. Plus take a look at soybeans, winter wheat, and cotton.

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