#Grow15 Photos: May 27, 2015

  • Corn progress

    The weekly USDA-NASS Crop Progress report had positive findings for the nation’s corn crop with 92% of planting complete, 5% ahead of the normal pace. Emergence is 12% ahead of the average pace with 74% of the crop out of the ground. And 74% of that crop is in either good or excellent condition.

    The photo at the left shows corn growth on Jake Gretencord’s farm in Fowler, Indiana.

  • Indiana corn progress

    Eighty-eight percent of Indiana’s corn is in the ground and 63% has emerged. Overall the crop is in good condition with 62% rated good and 13% excellent.

    The photo on the left was taken on a farm near Roachdale, Indiana, by Instagram user Cornie the Cob. (Worth the follow for interesting and amusing posts about corn growth!)

  • Illinois corn progress

    On the farm all members of the family earn their keep! Here is Steven Johnson’s son, Dale, checking corn on the Illinois farm.

    Almost all of Illinois’ corn is planted with 87% emerged, ahead of the 75% average. Eighty percent of the crop is in good to excellent condition.

  • Iowa corn progress

    Here’s a shot of corn growth above and below the ground from Mitchell County in northeast Iowa. Thanks for sharing Saratoga Partnership.

    Corn conditions in Iowa are similar to Illinois. Ninety-six percent of corn is planted, 81% has emerged, and 79% of that is in good to excellent condition.

  • Ohio corn progress

    Jeremy Whitehead shared this photo of 113-day corn planted in Baltimore, Ohio.

    Almost 90% of Ohio’s corn acres are planted, well ahead of the 70% average. About 70% of those acres have emerged and 87% of those are in good to excellent condition.

  • Virginia corn progress

    Corn is looking good on JR Newcomb’s farm in King William, Virginia.

    About 90% of corn planting is done in his state and 68% of that has emerged. Seventy-two percent of the crop is in good condition and 11% is rated excellent.

  • Ontario corn progress

    Corn is also seeing nice growth up north. “Five leaf corn and done planting two weeks ahead of last year,” shares Mark Martin from his farm in southern Ontario.

  • Soybean planting update

    A substantial amount of soybean planting was completed in the last week. Sixty-one percent of soybeans are planted, up from 45% a week ago and 6% ahead of the average pace.

    The photo on the left was taken in northern Missouri on river bottom ground by Jasper Hanson.

  • Soybean planting Tennessee

    Emergence is also moving right along for soybeans, with 32% emerged, 7% ahead of normal and up 20% from last week.

    The soybeans on the left are popping up through a five-way cover crop mix planted on Willis Jepson’s farm in Orlinda, Tennessee.

See corn and soybean plants growing around the countryside.

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