#Grow15 Progress Across the Corn Belt

  • Minnesota

    “We’ve had the right rains at the right time,” says Jim Purfeerst, a farmer in Fairbault, Minnesota. “Even our hills don’t have drought stress. The last two years have been very tough. This year Mother Nature is looking out for us.”<

  • Minnesota corn

    Purfeerst isn’t the only Minnesota farmer with a top-notch corn crop. The entire state is on pace to set a record in corn production. In the most recent USDA NASS Crop Progress report, 89% of the corn is in good to excellent condition. Just over 50% of the corn acres are in the dough stage or beyond, 7 days ahead of the five-year average. The ear of corn at the left is from a field in Fairbault, Minnesota, and is estimated to yield 230 bushels per acre.

  • Iowa

    Minnesota’s southern neighbors aren’t having quite as good of a year, but corn is still looking better than other parts of the Corn Belt. In Iowa, 97% of corn reached silking or beyond, 51% at the dough stage, slightly behind last year but 4 days ahead of the five-year average. Corn condition is trailing Minnesota, with 83% rated good to excellent.

  • Illinois

    “Last year growing corn was just too easy,” says
    Gregg Sauder, president of 360 Yield Center and a farmer in Tremont,
    Illinois. “We raised the largest crop in our history.” 2015 hasn’t been
    quite so easy as the area has been hit with rain after rain. “We had 30
    inches of rain from June 1 to the middle of July,” he adds. “One week we
    had 13 inches.” The photo at the left was taken in one of Sauder’s test
    plots. The corn was Stine 9740 VT3 planted at 44,000.

  • Illinois corn

    The excess moisture has caused a bit of a slowdown in crop progress and dampened the potential for corn condition. Corn in the dough stage was at 67%. Corn dented reached 17%; 7% behind the five-year average. Corn condition was split with 15% poor to very poor, 29% fair, and 56% good to excellent. This photo was also taken at Sauder’s. This field had a DeKalb 64-87 STX planted at 44,000.

  • Missouri

    Heavy rains this spring and into summer delayed many planters and kept farmers from getting into some fields at all. The delayed start shows in the corn development. Corn silking is at 93%; 7% behind last year. Corn in the dough stage reached 68%, trailing last year by 11%. Corn condition is mixed with 32% rated fair and 51% at good to excellent. This photo was taken near Appleton City, Missouri, and is one of many fields with washed out areas.

  • Wisconsin

    Corn’s progress is looking pretty good in Wisconsin. Corn at the dough stage reached 27%, 4 days ahead of last year and 1 day ahead of the five-year average. The corn crop was rated 79% good to excellent. This photo was taken by agronomist Ellen Waldhart in the Central Sands of Wisconsin.

Take a look at the corn progress in Mid-August of the 2015 growing season.

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