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Half of Iowa’s Corn Acres Planted Last Week

More than 50% of Iowa’s cornfields were planted last week, the largest percentage planted during this week in more than 20 years, according to the USDA NASS Iowa Crop Progress Report. This puts corn planting at 68% complete, 8 days ahead of last year and the five-year average.

Iowa wasn’t the only state ramping up corn planting last week. Big planting strides were also made in the following states:

  • Michigan 4% last week, 30% this week
  • Minnesota 38% last week, 83% this week
  • Nebraska 16% last week, 57% this week
  • Illinois 31% last week, 69% this week
  • Indiana 3% last week, 21% this week
  • Missouri 20% last week, 61% this week

See planting photos from across the country in this slideshow.

Corn planting
Dry weather provided 5.6 days suitable for fieldwork throughout most of Iowa. Farmers, like Charlie Scott from Marengo, Iowa, took advantage of the good planting conditions to catch up with the average planting pace and to get as many acres planted before this week’s anticipated rain.

A week ago from today, Scott had only 30% of his corn acres planted, putting him ahead of the statewide average at 14% and the five-year average at 24%. Today he has 96% of corn acres planted. Farmers in central Iowa aren’t far behind with 80% of their corn crop planted.

Despite the tremendous progress made in planting, corn emergence remains behind normal, reports the USDA.

Soybean progress
Progress was also made in soybean planting last week. Scott started out with less than 10% of soybean fields seeded. Now the eastern Iowa farmer has 38% completed, putting him well ahead of the state average.

Statewide 11% of soybeans were planted last week, compared to the five-year average of 5%. This puts soybean planting 5 days ahead of last year and the five-year average.

Topsoil moisture levels in the state are rated at 0% very short, 11% short, 84% adequate, and 5% surplus. Subsoil moisture levels came in at 2% very short, 13% short, 82% adequate, and 3% surplus.

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