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Harvest delays ahead in places

We've got one more day of rain today for parts of the eastern Corn Belt, then even that area will start to see the dry weather that has been so common this week off to their west. That dry weather is likely going to last through at least Thursday of next week all across the middle third of the country, though areas east of the Mississippi River will probably stay dry for next Friday as well.

Temperatures will be cold this weekend in eastern parts of the country (10 to 20 or more degrees below normal for especially the Ohio River valley and points east and south) and some frost will be seen in eastern parts of the Corn Belt.

While that is occurring though, it will really be warming up in the northern Plains and that warmth is going to dominate all of the center part of the country for the work-week period next week. Rains are still forecast to arrive again late next week, probably about next Friday for the western Corn Belt and the Plains and Saturday for areas to the east.

There will be areas that get some pretty good rains with that, and my best guess right now is that the biggest totals will be in eastern parts of Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma as well as western parts of Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas. While that rain will stop the harvest, I think that all of that area will appreciate that rain when it falls.

The drought in the southern Plains is well known, but starting to get more attention all of the time is increasingly dry conditions in the western Corn Belt. Those dry conditions combined with high winds yesterday to create several wildfires in Iowa. The drought areas of the hard-red winter wheat belt will get rain late next week; I do not think that there is much doubt about that.

Most likely it will be eastern areas favored for the better rains versus the west. Those rains will obviously be very beneficial, but likely is not the start of a long-term solution to drought problems in that area.
Freese-Notis Weather, Inc. Des Moines, Iowa Copyright 2011 - All Rights Reserved

Freese-Notis Weather, Inc. Des Moines, Iowa Copyright 2011 - All Rights Reserved

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