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Harvest Delays Hit Brazil’s Soybean Crop

Big yields still seen.

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Brazil’s 2017/2018 soybean harvest reached 0.8% as of Sunday, well behind the country’s average harvest pace.

According to a survey by AgRural, the crop is behind schedule compared with the harvest of 2.2% in the same period last season and 1.2% in the average of five years.
To understand the delay, it is worth mentioning the state of Mato Grosso, which is the largest soybean producer in Brazil. So far, Mato Grosso has harvested 2.8% of the total area cultivated in this harvest, compared with 7.5% last year and the five-year average of 3.9%.

Soybean Delay

The delay in soybean planting during the 2017/2018 season extended the crop cycle. Added to this, rainy weather is another factor that is also delaying the Brazilian soybean harvest. “But despite the later soybean harvest, the expectation is high yields in Paraná and in the Midwest. Conditions are also good in other states,” AgRural said in a report.

Weather Outlook

Brazil faces two different realities. In the Midwest, the high volume of rainfall can damage the harvest. “For more than 30 days, the rains don’t give truce in these places,” Climatempo states. Weather forecast indicates occasional and irregular rain from Wednesday, January 24, in this region.
In the southern region of Brazil, on the other hand, the crops located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul have so far suffered from lack of rainfall. Fortunately, over the last weekend the advance of a cold front came to change that reality. “During the week there is more rain forecast for the entire southern region of Brazil,” says Climatempo’s weather forecast.

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