The harvest homestretch nears

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    Corn and soybean harvest, though interrupted in some spots around the country, has advanced almost to its midpoint, and many farmers are now looking ahead to its end (or have reached it already). See what some are saying about their crops and field conditions as autumn rolls on.

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    The last few weeks has been a "struggle" for Marketing Talk veteran advisor and east-central Indiana farmer ECIN. Light rain and fog has made the last few weeks a tough go, but after a few days of double-digit acreage totals, he's "setting the world on fire here," he says jokingly.

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    Things are going a little more smoothly for the Arndorfer family, who are busy with both corn and soybeans right now. "Bean yields were overall excellent, some of the best we ever had, but also some poor spots," says Brad Arndorfer. "Extremely variable. Corn...looks to be 180- to 200-bushel/acre average over everything."

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    In southern Iowa, things are looking pretty good for Marketing Talk senior advisor Hobbyfarmer. Earlier this month, a nice weather window opened up to allow him to make good progress in both corn and soybeans.

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    This field was "planted in 30-inch rows at 120,000...running about 70 [bushels/acre] in this area of the field," Hobbyfarmer says.

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    A lower plant population didn't stop this field from hitting some pretty solid yield numbers at times in the field for Hobbyfarmer. "Not bad for a planted population of 26,100," he says.

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    Harvest is all wrapped up for Marketing Talk senior contributor Blacksandfarmer. His harvest results have been highly variable, from well below-average for soybeans to "record yields on my farm" for corn.

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    Soybean yields were definitely the low spot on Blacksandfarmer's farm. "Those beans only made 35 bu/acre. Lack of August rains made soybean yields a little disappointing," he says.

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    Corn yields, on the other hand, left him smiling. "Most of the corn made between 170 and 180 bu/acre, which are record yields on my farm," he says.

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    But, it wasn't all about the yields on Blacksandfarmer's place this fall. "The weather was great, and I was even able to get my wife and grandfather (shown here with him) in the combine to run a couple passes. Overall, it was a good and bountiful harvest."

Farmers check in with yield reports as 2013 corn and soybean harvest rounds its midpoint.

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