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Harvest weather improving

better than a week I have been promising farmers in the soggy western
Corn Belt this is not the repeat of the horrendous October harvesting
conditions of last year, and that this current time frame would be the
start of an extended period of dry weather. Well, it looks like I am
going to be able to deliver on those promises. The first half of the
weekend was wet and cold in the western Corn Belt, but it was sunny and
dry yesterday and there is a lot more where that came from.

this point, it is very difficult to say when the next significant rain
event is going to arrive in the central and western Corn Belt, the Delta
and the Plains; suffice it to say that it will not occur in the next
ten days, and quite possibly two weeks. I would think that most places
in the above-mentioned area will go the next ten days (or longer) with
no rain at all. Eastern Indiana, eastern Michigan, and especially Ohio
will see rain moving in today that will continue into a part of
tomorrow, then they too will also see dry weather for largely the rest
of the ten-day forecast.

very dry weather coming up is not good news for everyone. It is
bone-dry in Delta winter wheat areas and very dry in parts of the
eastern Corn Belt wheat areas, and those areas simply have to get rain
at some point to get winter wheat germinated. Not everyone in the Plains
hard-red belt got sufficient rain last week to ensure good planting
conditions either. Temperatures over the next week will average cooler
than normal for the eastern Plains, the Corn Belt, and the Delta with
readings in that period about three to nine degrees below normal.

coolest period will be next weekend, with readings will average a good
distance below normal and it is likely that we will see the first frost
of the fall season in the Corn Belt for especially eastern Minnesota,
eastern Iowa and points eastward. It will likely not be a real hard
freeze, but it looks like a lot of 30-34 degree lows and a few spots
reaching the upper 20s. Temperatures should warm again for the work-week
period of next week.

this afternoon's crop progress report, I would look for the national
corn harvest to be 27 percent complete, with the soybean harvest at 17
percent done; we will see a BIG jump in those numbers for next Monday's

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