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Heat returns to Midwest

Heat will return as a big
story for central and southern parts of the Midwest for today and tomorrow,
with highs at least in the 90s there but lots of 95+ degree highs south of
Interstate 80 and 100+ degree highs in Kansas, Missouri, and southwestern
Illinois. At least this heat will not last as long as last week, as it will be
cut back a good deal for Friday and Saturday. Heat will again return through
for Sunday through Tuesday of next week with highs in the 90s across a lot of
the Midwest for that period.

Beyond that is still hope
for more normal temperatures on a more extended basis for the region, but if
you are someone hoping for a true "cool" weather pattern (one where
temperatures actually average below normal for several days), such a pattern is
likely not real close at hand for the Corn Belt.

Rains overnight in the
Midwest were best in Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin with the
Interstate 90 corridor of southwestern Minnesota and eastern South Dakota
seeing the best totals and coverage (I can confirm over an inch of rain for
Huron, Mitchell, Sioux Falls and Worthington with a few counties under flash
flood warnings early today). It will continue to be northern and western parts
of the Midwest that sees the best rains for today and tomorrow, and with strong/severe
storms likely we could again see locally heavy rains (best chances for that in
central/eastern Iowa, far northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and western

Rain chances will reach the
southeastern Corn Belt (where they really need it) by Friday but I continue to
feel that rain amounts and coverage there will be considerably less than is
seen to their northwest. Another good chance for rain will likely evolve next
week in the Midwest for about Tuesday, with signs that rain event will also
favor western and northern areas.

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