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Heat stress not fading for Brazil, Argentina

December will go into the record books as coniderably drier than normal month in much of the main Argentine growing area. December will be less than half of normal at most reporting stations in Cordoba, Santa Fe, Entre Rios, La Pampa, and northern Buenos Aires.

A few of these locations have had less than 10% of normal rainfall. Some rain did fall in parts of Santa Fe and Entre Rios about a week ago, and some rain fell in parts of Cordoba and La Pampa overnight, but nearly all of this area badly needs rain. Not much rain is seen into early January in most of Argentina. Daytime highs will be frequently in the 90's, and some western areas could reach 100 on a few days. This will put stress on the pollinating corn crop.

It does like better rain chances will arrive in Argentina during the second week of January. Rainfall for December so far has also been below normal so far in much of the growing area of southern Brazil and eastern Paraguay with numerous locations reporting less than half the normal rainfall for the month, and some locations less than 20% of normal. Some of these areas have received some beneficial rainfall between late last week and early this week, but other locations received only light amounts and more rain is badly needed.

During the past 24 hours some beneficial rainfall did fall in sections of Mato Grosso do Sul, western Sao Paulo, and far northern Parana. Rain chances will increase in southern Brazil and eastern Paraguay over the next few days, with some beneficial amounts forecast through the weekend.

Drier weather should return to these areas early to mid next week and all of these areas will then be drier than normal for the 6-10 day period.

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