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Heat wave to persist

At a time when the corn and soybean markets are worried about conditions drying out in the Midwest (with good reason, I might add), it is ironic that there is a small but key part of the growing region that is very wet right now.

More big rains the past 24 hours in northwestern Iowa and southwestern Minnesota means that much of that area has seen three to six inches of rain (or more) since late last Saturday (I can confirm over six inches in that period for both Spencer and Worthington).

During that same time though we have seen very little rain in southern Iowa, the central third of Illinois, and the central third of Indiana, and that is clearly bad news heading into a major heat wave for the Midwest.

One is going to have to go back a number of years, probably at least since 1995, to find the last time that we have seen heat like we will see next week. Heat will start to build this weekend, and by Monday most anyone in the region could be 95 degrees or higher. Temperatures will cool just a bit on Tuesday in the northeast (with some rain around that time in Michigan, Ohio, and far eastern Indiana) but will stay the same in the west, then heat will dominate all of the Midwest for Wednesday through Friday and you can't rule out basically anyone in the Midwest getting to around 100 degrees.

Humidity levels are going to be very high during this heat wave, making it an extremely stressful situation for livestock but even humans will have to take a lot of extra caution when they are outdoors. We will see cooling late next week but it looks less pronounced that it did on the maps of recent days, so even then we should see plenty of 90s in a good part of the region.

 I see no sign at all of any sort of truly cooler weather pattern evolving any time in the next two weeks. Look for thunderstorms in western and northwestern parts of the Midwest this afternoon, moving across northern areas tonight and into a part of tomorrow; northern Iowa and Minnesota will see the best amounts. There will be some rains around late next week with what cooling is seen then, but I am not optimistic about big amounts or coverage.

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