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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summertime thunderstorm activity is often times a "hit and miss" affair, where
in a lot of cases you either get a big rain or your get nothing. That was
certainly the case in the southeastern half of the Corn Belt yesterday
afternoon and evening. A big swath of real estate located on either side of a
line from St. Louis to Decatur to Chicago got very little rain (or, in most
places, no rain), while paralleling both sides of that area was
significant rains that radar is estimating were locally 1.50" or even more.

Things are quiet across most of the Midwest early on this Thursday, but at
this same time tomorrow morning we should see a pretty large thunderstorm
complex impacting eastern South Dakota, northeastern Nebraska, southwestern
Minnesota, and northwestern Iowa, with that system headed east-southeast
during the day tomorrow. 1-2" rains should be pretty common from that system
across southeastern South Dakota, northeastern Nebraska, southern Minnesota,
and northern Iowa, with 0.50-1.00" rains found a bit further south and east of
that area to cover the rest of Iowa, northeastern Missouri, and northern

There will probably not be too much rain for most of the weekend in
the Midwest, but rain chances will be on the increase again for very late on
Sunday and into the Monday-Tuesday time frame (if not longer) of next week.

Temperatures will average above normal coming up for the Midwest, but for the
most part nothing extreme is suggested. Through next Wednesday the hottest day
in the region will probably be for about Monday, when
temperatures at or above 90 degrees should be common.

Otherwise, the bulk of
any 90+ degree weather will be confined to mainly areas west of the Missouri
River and along/south of Interstate 70. It still looks like some pretty
intense heat coming up for this weekend and into the early/middle parts of
next week for the southern Plains and the Delta, with lots of 100+ degree
temperatures eventually being seen in much of that area.

Rainfall chances for
that same area (especially the southern Plains) look quite limited over the
next ten days as well.

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Des Moines, Iowa
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