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Huge, blessing rains to end the Corn Belt’s July

August weather expected to be a return to normal.

Mother Nature has good and bad news for the crops in the Corn Belt.

First, the good news. 

There are some “million dollar” rains coming to end the month of July. And the first of those precipitation events happens this week, according to Dale Mohler, AccuWeather meteorologist.

“Some really good rains begin tonight and tomorrow (Tuesday) through the northern Corn Belt. A storm that begins in northern Missouri will run through Iowa and on up to Wisconsin and the northern two-thirds of Illinois,” Mohler says. 

Mohler added, “There will be 1 to 3 inches of rain along this path. That’s a good chunk of the Corn and Bean Belt.”

Another rain event arrives next week, followed by cooler temperatures. And the month of July is expected to have up-and-down temperatures with some timely rains.

Now for the bad news.

The Midwestern crops will have one more heat spell to survive. That heat arrives this weekend. 

For the southern Corn Belt, there will be heat in the upper 90s beginning Thursday and running through the early part of next week.

“This heat will occur in Kansas City, Missouri, to St. Louis and into south-central Illinois,” Mohler says. “Farther north, Des Moines and Chicago will see low 90s.”

So far this crop season, the Midwest heat has not been extreme, above 95°F., like in 2012. While it has been persistent, it doesn’t even come close to the drought year of 2012, he says.

August Weather Outlook

The Corn Belt’s weather in August is expected to be slightly warmer-than-normal with normal rainfall, Mohler says.

“The only areas that we see running deficiencies on moisture could be in southern Illinois and southern Indiana,” Mohler says.

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