Iowa’s Corn Harvest is Far From Over, USDA Says

The Dakota states continue to struggle with harvest.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- U.S. corn farmers in Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota remain the furthest behind in corn harvesting, as Thanksgiving approaches.

In general, most U.S. farmers only have the last 15% of their soybeans to cut, according to Monday’s USDA Crop Progress Report.

North Dakota is only 15% harvested on corn, below a 76% five-year average. Iowa farmers have 64% of their corn out of the fields, compared with a 86% five-year average.  


In its Weekly Crop Progress Report, the USDA pegged the U.S. corn harvest at 66% complete, below a five-year average of 85%, and below the trade’s expectation of 58%.

South Dakota farmers have 39% of their corn picked vs. a 82% five-year average. Other state totals include Illinois at 73% vs. a 93% five-year average, and Indiana at 72% complete vs. an 85% five-year average.


The amount of soybeans cut totaled 85%, below a 92% five-year average.

A number of major soybean-producing states remain with 12% to 15% of their crop to cut.

For instance, Illinois is 87% complete vs. a 95% five-year average. Indiana farmers have 88% of their soybeans cut vs. a five-year average of 91%.

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