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Kill shot coming for WCB corn?

A lack of rainfall and hotter-than-normal temperatures over the next few days in the bulk of the Corn Belt could deliver a fatal blow to many of the region's corn fields, forecasters and farmers say.

A combination of a largely shower-free outlook will combine with temperatures in the 90s and lower 100s will push the crop to its limit in most parts of the region through the next few days, according to Monday's morning outlook from the Commodity Weather Group (CWG) in Chicago. Between the combination of crop progress and weather stress, the western Corn Belt and Plains look to absorb most of the damage.

"This will leave over 1/2 of the late-pollinating and filling corn and pod-setting soybeans subject to additional stress, focusing on southern Wisconsin, western Illinois, southern and western Iowa, far northern and far western Missouri, southwestern Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas," according to CWG on Monday. "Temperatures will remain warmer than normal, with highs ranging from the low 90s east to 100s west on the hottest days (next 2 days and again Saturday through Monday)."

Though this outlook may sound like a broken record from the last few weeks, this week's outlook could be the kill shot for the crop in parts of the western Corn Belt, farmers there say.

"I'm about an hour south of Omaha in Nebraska, and this week will end the corn crop for 2012. South of me about 10 days ago, they got a shot of rain but it was a small area," says Marketing Talk senior contributor highyields. "We haven't had any rain since the first half of June. our early fields will have some corn but the corn planted the first week of May might not get anything. Soybeans hanging out but you can still see a mouse running down the row."


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