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The latest drought talk

The drought of 2012 is starting to manifest itself in farm country not just in poor crop yields and higher grain market prices. The livestock sector's taking a major hit, questions abound on the future of renewable fuels, and rural residents are wondering what will happen if the ag industry's struggles continue.

Here are some of the latest discussions and features from farmers around the nation who are facing the toughest crop conditions some have seen in their lives. Looking ahead, what's the future hold? See the latest and add your own perspective.

'A $150 billion hit?'

One farmer wonders whether the ongoing crop losses will lead to financial conditions that rural communities -- and the U.S. in general -- will even be able to survive. What do you think?


'Finishing up' the corn

One farmer says he's "finishing up the coffin" for his corn crop. What's your crop's prognosis? Will it bounce back or are you watching Mother Nature "put the last nail in?"


Drought images

What's the drought look like from the stratosphere? See the latest satellite images from other farmers and find out just how farm the "sobering" conditions are taking the crop for many farmers.


'Hard circumstances'

The drought's not just taking a toll in dollars and cents. It's also exerting pressure on farmers and their families. See what other farmers are saying about this side of the drought story. How's the drought affecting your state of mind?


'This year is not panic'

Though the conditions are dire in many respects, the 2012 drought is no time to panic about the future of the economy, agricultural or otherwise, one farmer says. "There is a silver lining," he says. What is that silver lining? Join this growing discussion.


Ethanol's future

"If ethanol is shut down, what is going to replace distillers grain sold into the feed market?" asks one farmer. What do you think? There's a wide range of opinions from crop and livestock farmers alike in this discussion.


Early silage chopping

Though the corn crop's "cooked" in many areas, some farmers are getting any good they can out of their fields, including chopping them for silage. Are you chopping corn for silage now? What are some of the concerns to keep in mind?


Hay auctions

With hay in such tight supply and farmers looking to other sources to keep their livestock fed, what kinds of prices are existing hay supplies bringing at auction? See some of the latest reports around the country and share the prices you're seeing.


Looking ahead

June was ugly. July has been uglier. And now, one farmer says August is going to be the ugliest month yet. See how your weather prognosis compares with other areas and find out how farmers looking to deal with the conditions ahead.


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