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Learn From the Hefty Brothers at the 2018 Commodity Classic

Discover innovative farming techniques and brand-new products at the 2018 Commodity Classic in Anaheim, California, from February 27 to March 1. At the nation’s largest farmer-led, farmer-focused convention and trade show, there’s plenty to see and learn — especially at the Commodity Classic Main Stage.

The stage will feature panel discussions, ag showcases, and expert speakers, including radio and TV hosts the Hefty Brothers. In their first session on soybean weed control, you’ll hear about Ag PhD research on the subject, new label changes for 2018, and learn how to maximize on-farm profit. Brian Hefty is excited to give a presentation that will be useful to everyday farmers.

“This is incredibly important information to know because weed control has become problematic over the last few years. We see lots of mistakes and bad herbicide recommendations leading to wasted money, lower yields, and huge weed seed banks,” he says. “This one-hour session will give you all the information you need to create a fantastic, yet economical soybean weed control program this year.”

The Hefty Brothers’ second presentation is titled, “What Your Fertilizer Dealer Won’t Tell You” and will cover how to spend fertilizer dollars wisely. The session will help you understand soil and plant tissue tests yourself, so you don’t need to rely solely on others to make valuable decisions.

“The most important thing you can do to positively increase yield, behind good drainage, is to invest correctly in fertility,” says Hefty. During this session, you’ll gain insight into plant tissue analysis and how to work it into your fertility plan. “Your fertilizer dealer may be great,” Hefty says, “but we’ll share our experiences with fertilizers often oversold and others that are undersold across the country.”

Hefty says with constant changes in agriculture, it can be difficult to keep up. The Commodity Classic is a gathering place for the top people in U.S. ag companies and the latest farm equipment, so you can stock up on supplies and knowledge. “You can learn from yield champions and industry experts in educational sessions like the Main Stage, or share ideas with farmers you meet on the trade show floor,” he says. “Commodity Classic gives farmers the opportunity to learn more in three days than they might all winter long back home.”

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