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Limagrain Announces New Grass Weed Control Program for Wheat

LCS, Albaugh, Colorado Wheat Research Foundation to collaborate on non-GM trait by 2019.

Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS) has announced a collaboration with Albaugh Chemicals and the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation which will create new "over-the-top" control of grassy weeds in wheat. The company announced the agreement at its Central Plains Wheat Field Day near Wichita, Kansas, on May 19.

"This partnership will create new chemistry, new wheat varieties, and a new production system," says Frank Curtis, chief operating officer for LCS, which is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The herbicide chemistry is scheduled for EPA registration approval in 2017, after three years of field data are complete. Meanwhile, wheat varieties containing the non-GM herbicide tolerance trait are being developed. It will take until at least 2018 before farmers get access to them.

Here is how the three partners will work together:

  • Colorado Wheat Research Foundation owns the wheat trait, which features the herbicide resistance. It was developed at Colorado State University.
  • LCS will manage the production trial tests and be the first seed company to bring the trait to market.
  • Albaugh will bring the herbicide to market through its AgriStar brand. The chemistry exists in other crops but has not been registered for use in wheat.

Target Weeds

Frank Curtis, Limagrain Cereal Seeds
Frank Curtis
"The aim is to have a cost-effective solution for grassy weeds in wheat," Curtis says.

Thus, the trait and complementary herbicide chemistry is designed for easy grass weed control in wheat. The main targets include jointed goatgrass, feral rye, wild oats, and cheat.

Curtis says the technology will first be available in Hard Red Winter wheat country, initially the High Plains and Pacific Northwest. These are areas that do not have widespread adoption of Roundup Ready crops. "The technology eventually will be available in all market classes. Initially, however, it will be available in areas where grass control is the most difficult," he adds.

Growers who use the technology must participate in a stewardship program and sign a technology use agreement and work within the LCS certified seed grower system.

Chrome – LCS' New HRW Variety

In other news, LCS announced the increase of its Hard Red Winter wheat variety, Chrome. A medium maturity, medium height that earned its name from its blue-gray appearance in the spring. Chrome has best-of-class resistance to stripe rust and leaf rust and is adapted to Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and northern Texas. It has chart-topping yields, beating LCS plot averages by 134% in northern Kansas, 130% in northern Oklahoma, and 160% in northwest Kansas.

I think this could be one of the top varieties in Kansas. - Drew Hendricker

A cross between two experimental varieties, Chrome will be available to certified seed producers this fall.

"I don't want to sell it too much, but I'm excited about this wheat," says Drew Hendricker, regional sales manager for LCS. "I think this could be one of the top varieties in Kansas." Two LCS wheat varieties already make the top 10 – T158 (#2) and LCS Mint (#8).


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