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Locus AG’s carbon platform promises $48 over 4 years

Using Locus biological products qualifies as a practice change.

One player in the carbon storage industry has tweaked its program to become more attractive to farmers by adding new incentives and removing some of the uncertainties that farmers worry about.

Locus Agricultural Solutions’ CarbonNOW program promises its members a minimum of $48 over a four-year commitment, plus extra performance bonuses.

“What we’ve seen when talking to folks who have dived into the carbon market is that when they start learning about our program, it takes about two minutes to sign up,” says Travis Kraft, director of U.S. row crops for Locus AG.

That’s because CarbonNOW offers:

  • 75% cash up-front 
  • Two annual payments 
  • Guaranteed minimums of $48 an acre over 4 years, plus annual performance bonuses
  • No program costs
  • Minimal practice change eligibility

That last point is worth noting. Locus AG has a suite of soil probiotics that when added to seed at planting, qualifies as a new regenerative agriculture practice change needed for entry to a carbon farming program.

The products are:

  • Rhizolizer: an active strain of microbials that promotes early root development and improves nutrient uptake in corn, soybeans, and other crops.
  • Pantego: a line of microbial soil amendments that include free-living strains to solubilize phosphorous and boost early season root development.

Both are available in dry hopper box treatments or as a seed-applied liquid.

“Locus products are a soil amendment and pump 2 to 3 tons of additional carbon into the soil. That is considered a practice change and it therefore qualifies for carbon programs,” Kraft says.

CarbonNOW has partnered with Bluesource, one of the leaders in the carbon storage/verifier industry, to help farmers determine how much carbon is stored after using Locus AG products.

In addition to guaranteed minimums and up-front payments, Locus AG CarbonNOW leaders simplify the process by handling all soil sampling and data collection at no cost to the landowners. External, internationally recognized, third-party verification is used for complete program transparency. 

Locus AG built a secure platform and assembled a team of experts to ensure that participants in the CarbonNOW® program can rely on the proper support, secure data collection, and verification to maximize carbon credit payouts. The type of data collected is similar to data already supplied annually to the local Extension office.

CarbonNOW promises a minimum payment of $12 per acre per year, with bonuses paid if a minimum carbon storage threshold is exceeded. After a farm is qualified, Bluesource will pull soil samples based on a roughly 30-acre grid. Samples will be tested for carbon content and producers will get paid based upon the carbon storage numbers, Kraft explains. The CarbonNOW program cannot be layered with other carbon programs, he adds.

Only about 5% of U.S. farmers are participating in carbon storage programs. “There are hesitations due to questions about getting paid, who conducts the soil sampling, and up-front cost,” says Teresa DeJohn, director of marketing for Locus AG.

“CarbonNOW addresses those concerns.”

Farmer Enrollment

Enrollment in the CarbonNOW program is open now with committed carbon credit buyers. Farmers interested in adding additional income to their 2022 planning calendar can visit to see if they qualify.

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